From Salt

Celia Prado

Towards me wind with words
Among them stand still

Without a breath
Meet the voice
Hidden from all
For they smile glow know
Collect sea shells
Thin sand my bed

Already mourning before afterwards
Shadow under the window
Nail fire mine
You me viaduct
Yellow scab oozes blood
Moon-eyed blind branch blue words
Kept dry
Burn glass bride

Something took place tonight
The yellow forcer was here
Still feel drops
Burn glass tight

Nothing near not you
Blossoms hiss drooping scent

Words bow hold wet wind
Roar drizzle sitting by door rest
Gurgle my name gently
Voice mist breeze
Harmonium all around and nowhere
Same song rocks ocean folds
Lick frost outstretched fingers
Soft neck
See the ground pinned
Dew. Glimpse

Sun mist. Motion