Group Show by Martin Ålund

Measures of Poetry

Bogardenkapel Brugge, Katelijnestraat 86, 8000 Brygge, Belgium
May 10–26, 2019


Measures of Poetry is an international group exhibition by Curator Jan Van Woensel with the members of GoGo Collective: Sarah Blood (United Kingdom/United States), Monique Pelser (South Africa), Mia Chaplin (South Africa), Martin Ålund (Sweden), Jonas Vansteenkiste (Belgium), Elle van Uden (Australia), Torbjörn Johansson (Sweden).

In Measures of Poetry the curator applies Vito Acconci's concept of spatial poetry as a curatorial methodology. The process of methodologically adding artwork to the exhibition space of Bogarden's Chapel provokes an evolution from a linear to a rhizomatic reading. 'Measures of Poetry' is approached as a situational confrontation of space, artwork, meaning, order, body, sound and language.

The exhibition is supported by Stedelijke Acedemie voor Schone Kunsten and IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's international programme for Visual and Applied Artists

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”Otherworld”, Charcoal on wall, Martin Ålund 2019

Measures of Poetry | Photos by Monique Pelser

Solo Show by Martin Ålund

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

Open Studio | Room 8208 | August 16, 2018 | 19.00-21.30



Photo: Martin Ålund

Scribbles, movements, shapes and lines that move in different directions. Looking like an intensity tightly packed together. Just like the Sun’s surface looks like in the movies. I paint and draw my mind, my nerves, my energy, my thoughts and feelings, and all I see out there: the world, all people. The whole of existence as x-rays of energy and the sensual.

I jump into the undergrowth. It tears me up. I flop through the marsh. Get wet. Jump from rocks. Twist the ankle.

An alter ego has appeared. Could it be that instead of going crazy, he is a saint? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I dress in his plastic in the night. Trying to understand.

Clip from video "Energy" by Martin Ålund, Paris 2018


Martin Ålund is in residence at the International City of Arts through Sweden’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien)

Group Show by Martin Ålund


Showroom: Mia Chaplin, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Sarah Blood, Elle van Uden & Martin Ålund

Photo/Work by: Sarah Blood

The group exhibition Showroom combines the work of five artists, Sarah Blood (United Kingdom/United States), Mia Chaplin (South Africa), Martin Ålund (Sweden), Jonas Vansteenkiste (Belgium) and Elle van Uden (Australia), currently in residence at the Cité internationale des arts, who live and practice in different countries.

Showroom takes place in a former shop front on rue de l’Hôtel de ville and offers a play on the context of display and merchandising. The exhibition presents a visual conversation between the works of the artists in an exploration of relationships, content and materiality.

Group Show by Martin Ålund

Louise Adelborg, Kjersti Austdal, Anastasia Ax, Margot Barolo, Anders Boqvist, Andreas Blomqvist, Gunnel Boman, Daniel Boyacioglu, Sahar Burhan, Erika Canohn, Christer Chytraéus, John Cooper Clarke, Henrik Ekesiöö, Siri Elfhag, Leif Elggren, Klas Eriksson, Åsa Ersmark, Anders Fager, Joakim Forsgren, Ann Frössén, Felix Gmelin, Mikael Goralski, Barbro Hedström, Cora Hillebrand, Jan Håfström, Mats Lindström, Susanna Jablonski,Daniel Johnston,Anders Kappel, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Evelina Kollberg, Ari Luostarinen, Dorinel Marc, Jan Moszumanski, Helena Mutanen, R. Mutt, Ulf Olsson, Blinky Palermo, Pascal, Cilla Ramnek, Viktor Rosdahl, Amit Sen, Linda Shamma, Nils Sjögren, Marja-leena Sillanpää, Merzedes Sturm-Lie, Peter Svedberg, Alan Vega, Ulla Wiggen, Martin Ålund

Solo Show by Martin Ålund

June 3 – July 30, 2017 | Körsbärsgården, Gotland

Artist Talk: Martin Ålund & Jonas Ellerström, Körsbärsgården, July 5, 2017

Solo Show by Martin Ålund

APRIL 22 – MAY 14, 2017 | Galleri Örsta, Kumla

Performance by Martin Ålund

For Jeanette
Concept by Martin Ålund
Illuminated waterplay on Saltsjön
Lights: Dr Ljus
Sarabande in D-moll by G.F. Händel
performed by Festibyn
Ship: Marin- & Haverikonsult KA AB
30 years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlins Foundation
Nedre Manilla, Saturday May 21, 2016